Myra Hindley: The Devil Who Deceived Them.

In the age when there is a Conspiracy Theory for every unfortunate and unjust event to hit the World, I find it hard to put any stock into Conspiracy Theories. I find most of them to be too far fetched, too exaggerated and too unfounded to have any trace of truth. However I found that, after doing so much research on Hindley, an issue kept cropping up in small corners of chat rooms and internet forums for me to not delve a little deeper into this particular theory. I want to say, right from the outset, that I do not personally believe in this particular Theory. And though I find it fascinating, and it does make an awful lot of sense, due to Hindley’s failing health and compounded with the negative reaction the Home Office would receive if this were found to be true, I do believe Myra Hindley died in 2002 and was cremated, putting an end to her psychical presence on earth.

It is common knowledge that Myra Hindley became “the most hated woman in Britain”, following her arrest alongside Ian Brady in October 1965. The two were jailed for their part in the ‘Moors Murders’ and although many have shunned Brady to the back of their consciousness, happily condemning him as “insane” and “mentally ill”, the public never could quite deal with the notion of Myra Hindley. How could a woman take part in the abuse and murder of five innocent children? She remained un-villified and publicly loathed until reports of her death due to a heart attack and chest infection in 2002. Her body was held under armed guard until her creamation in November 2002. The psychical presence and haunting reminder of the ‘Moors Murderess’ was banished from this earth, once and for all on that day, yet some believe, there is a whole other story which has not been told…

Throughout her 36 years in Jail, Myra Hindley made constant attempt and appeals for Parole, claiming to have “found God”, “been rehabilitated” and “attuned for her crimes”. Each Parole hearing was met with a media circus and frenzy at the thought that Hindley could ever walk the streets again. Numerous televised events followed each hearing, including one in the mid 1970’s, named: “Mercy for Myra Hindley?”, in which supporters and condemners argued whether or not Hindley should ever be released. She was met with constant threats each time a Parole board was formed, and numerous campaigns were set up to stop Hindley from being released. The Police, as well as the Home Office, determined that Myra Hindley should to be released and that she would be a prime target to be killed and it would lessen faith in the Home Office, as well as the Justice System. It should also be noted that a Parole meeting was scheduled just weeks before reports of hear death and it was claimed Hindley was “too sick” to attend.

Many believe that Myra Hindley is still alive. They believe that she never could have been publicly granted Parole as it would have been too damaging for the whole of the Justice System and caused mass Hysteria, so- was she reported dead as a cover up- was she given a new identity and released from prison under a new name? Did Hindley actually go to that Parole meeting and was she actually granted parole but the Government Covered this up? Is it true that Myra Hindley could now be in her Seventies and asking around as a seemly innocent old lady? It is true that her death certificate was never publicly released, and that her body was cremated considerably quickly, but could this really be possible? The truth is, this is highly unlikely, if not possible, and we will probably never really know the truth. But some notions and apparent ‘happenings’ do make for interesting reading.

This report, written in 2012, only found on one, single webpage, and not highly publicised, states:

“A primary school nurse was driving through a country lane about six weeks after Myra Hindley was supposedly pronounced dead. It was night time and the nurse’s car was suddenly hit in the back by another vehicle.
The woman driver who hit her got out of her car and came to talk to the nurse. The nurse looked carefully, recognised the woman as Myra Hindley and said: “Oh my God you’re Myra Hindley.” The woman burst into tears and replied “you can’t say that, you can’t say that” and drove off hurriedly.

The nurse however, noted the registration number of the car and upon returning home called the police. She recounted what had happened, telling them that it was “Myra Hindley” at the wheel of the other car. The police visited the nurse the following day but rather than assist her with noting an accident, they scared and intimidated her. They asked her to withdraw the accident claim and report, and suggested instead that the incident had “never happened”.                                                                                                                 The primary school nurse was just a normal, law-abiding person and by now she was very scared although still certain of her facts – that even though Myra Hindley was believed by the world to be dead – it had been her driving the car that had hit her. Regardless of her story, the police continued to intimidate the nurse and she was frightened into taking any further action.

However, unknown to the police, the nurse had reported the incident to a friend of the family who had in turn passed it on to a school friend who was a local journalist.The journalist took the story to a major tabloid paper who was at first very interested but the following day told his fellow journalist that the story of Hindley being alive “had to be buried”. Despite this, within a day or so, orders from “the top” were given to publish a story on how the “ashes of Myra Hindley had been found”.

That story made all the papers in February 2003 and threw many off the scent. Now, to all intent and purposes, Hindley was proven to be dead because her ashes had been found on the very Moors where children had been killed. Following this news, Lord Longford’s son was quoted as saying: “If You believe that, you’ll believe anything.” (This article can be found here: (

Now, to the common reader, it would appear that if this little- known story were true, a kindly lady was simply outraged, offended and upset at being compared to Britain’s longest serving, and most hated Murderer. But when you delve a little deeper, you can see that there is one other strange story, which would combined to make this barley lucid story, seem plausible. A comment left on the above article, states:

“Myra Hindley was in a Manchester hospital after having minor facial reconstruction. After four days recovering she was given a new identity and taken out of the country. I was one of the nurses working on the ward. She was in a side room with 3 private nurses whom had never worked at that hospital. We were not aloud in the room or to speak with the nurses. Two years later working at a different hospital I worked a shift with one of those nurses, who quite openly admitted that it was Myra Hindley in that room. I truly believe my co-worker as a lady nearing retirement I wonder what she had to gain by disclosing this information. Especially as I asked her a direct question about an incident that had happened 2 years previous. I believe that the government had no choice but to release Hindley, she was the longest serving serial murderer and unlike Brady she was deemed medically sane. It was claimed she died of pneumonia that came after a heart attack, coincidental that her latest appeal was about to be decided.”

This really does make for interesting reading, but the truth is, we will probably never know the whole truth about Myra Hindley, her death or if there was a well orchestrated cover up from ‘High Up Ranking Officials’. Just as we will probably never know the full extent of the horror which took place on Saddleworth Moor, over Fifty Years ago.

As always, thanks for reading,

Much Love,

Sammy X



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